BCIC BASICS: Why Your Car Needs Coverage During COVID-19

“Why am I paying for car insurance and my vehicle is parked up most of the time?”

That’s a question many vehicle owners now ask themselves daily. Over the past few weeks, we have seen lockdowns on our country with restrictions placed on travel and social gatherings. As a result, many people have been driving less, especially with many now working from home. So, the question remains, do I really need to have motor insurance during COVID-19? The answer is YES! But before we go into the three main reasons, it’s essential to have car insurance, let’s explore the different types of coverage available to you.

So, now that you’re all caught up on the coverage options you have available, let’s get into the reasons it’s still crucial for you to have car insurance, even during COVID-19.

1. It is illegal to drive without car insurance. 

If you own a car, having insurance is a legal requirement. Yes, your vehicle has been spending a lot more time in your driveway than usual, but when it’s time for grocery runs, a gas top-up or any other reason to go on the road, your car will be your mode of transportation. If you plan to drive at all, don’t cancel your car insurance because if you’re on the road with no insurance and you’re caught by the police, you could find yourself facing a fine or the seizure of your vehicle. 

2. It protects you against the unexpected

No one is expecting their fruit tree limb to fall on their car’s windscreen, their vehicle to be broken into or for someone to hit their vehicle while it’s parked at the gate, but the fact is, accidents happen. That’s why having a safety net in place is so essential because it allows you to rest assured that you have the right coverage needed to take care of any unexpected situations that may arise. With everything that’s going on, this is the peace of mind you need. 


3. It protects you financially

Even though you’d love to stand watch over your car 24/7, you can’t. That’s why it pays to have insurance because if anything should happen to your vehicle, the cost to repair or replace won’t fall on you only, your insurance company will absorb some of that cost. If things are already tight financially, you don’t need to put yourself at risk of adding another hefty bill to the pile, should anything happen to your car. 

It may not seem like it, but your car insurance definitely still serves its purpose during COVID-19, so don’t skimp on protecting the things that matter to you. Keep investing in coverage you can trust so that you can avoid costly expenses in the future.   

Need to get a motor quote? It’s easy to get one for your private car insurance.  Choose from our comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party policies.  You may even arrange for financing options with our Pay Monthly option where you’ll be able to pay in 4 – 9 monthly instalments. You may get a quote here.

To renew your insurance, simply call or WhatsApp: 621-7340 or info@bcicbarbados.com.

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