Tyre Talk: 5 Tips To Avoid A Car Fire.

When a car goes up in flames, it can be a scary experience, even life-threatening. What can make a terrible situation worse is the thought of how you’ll foot the bill to repair or replace that vehicle. That’s why we’re sharing some sure-fire ways to extinguish your fears around this disaster.

Get an annual inspection.

Get your vehicle checked by your mechanic at least once for the year so that he/she can assess your vehicle and determine its safety. If they recommend repairs to faulty wires, tanks, hoses or fuses, be quick about getting these changed.



Check the fuel lines and tank.

Gas fuels fires. Estimates show that 15% of all deaths related to car fires are as a result of faulty fuel lines or tanks. So, if your gas lines or tanks have cracks, breaks or leaks, your chances of having a fire increase. Whenever you smell gas fumes from your vehicle or notice your car’s gas levels suddenly dropping, take it to the mechanic shop for inspection.


Maintain your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Malfunctioning electrical systems cause more than half of all car fires. You want to ensure that all wires and computer systems are in good working condition and not overheating. Ask your mechanic to check these systems during your scheduled maintenance check. Also, if you have added accessories, such as speakers, lights or screens, be sure to have those checked as well. When in doubt, ask a professional to install these gadgets and devices.



Avoid storing flammable materials in your vehicle.

Items such as gasoline, kerosene oil and aerosol spray cans, are flammable and can easily ignite or increase your risk of fire if they become overheated or spill in your vehicle. Be sure to remove these from your vehicle as soon as you have transported them. Also, keep your car ventilated so that the fumes do not affect you or your passengers.


Get a car extinguisher.

Get an extinguisher specific for electrical fires. You can purchase these travel-sized fire extinguishers online for as low as BB$100-$150. That small investment could save you much money in the future.


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Most importantly, get insurance!

Wouldn’t it be great to have peace of mind that your vehicle is covered if you have a fire? With BCIC Motor Insurance, you get coverage of fire and theft. Click below to get a motor quote today.


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