Tyre Talk: Inside The Car Of A Hot Girl!

Let’s be honest, great insurance isn’t the only thing a hot girl needs to keep her and her car ready for the road. We came up with a few of the go-to items you can find in the vehicle of a hot girl, and if you’re professing to be one, you might want to start getting your ride in vogue ASAP! Here are the things a hot girl will never touch the road without:


For those busy mornings when she had to beat traffic, and suddenly turn the office parking lot into her personal cosmetic studio or for those unexpected occasions when she needs to look her best at a moments notice, a real hot girl never leaves home without her makeup kit, even if it’s just a few essentials. To always be prepared for any surprise meetings, or after-work link-ups that were never really planned, having the makeup bag is a staple. You’ll never catch a hot girl slipping! Foundation, brushes, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and the likes live in her glove compartment. She’s going places, and that means always bringing her best face forward. 


“Lady Things” – Toiletries 

The average woman may have a few sheets of napkins in her vehicle, but a hot girl? Nah, she’ll have her whole bathroom in that car. That’s why a woman’s car is always stocked with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, a roll of tissue, and she ALWAYS has a small pack of feminine napkins so she can STAYFREE of any issues with CONFIDENCE. But she also focuses on the quality of her toiletries, so best believe that the hand sanitizer is heavily scented, and filled with micro-beads or essential oils, packaged in a brightly coloured bottle because…aesthetics! Clean, pretty and smells good, the marks of any hot girl.


Things to Freshen Up – Lotions & Sprays 

The last thing you’ll find in a hot girl’s car is ashy skin. She never runs out of her supply of angel soft, supple skin solution. The day to day can take a toll on her pretty palms, so her fun-size bottle of Aveeno, Ashley or Jergens infused with Chamomile and Lavender for stress relief, always comes in handy. But more than smooth skin, a hot girl always has a sample-size bottle of her favourite fragrance on hand for a quick spritz of Cherry Blossom, Midnight Kiss or Warm Brown Sugar.


Hairbrush & Comb 

A hot girl’s hair is like a precious lion’s mane. It’s the epitome of her fierceness and a naturally grown fashion statement. To control such ferocity, she needs the proper tools to tame her hair. Some hot girls need a hairbrush with a thick wooden handle, others a fine-toothed comb. And even if she recently did the “big chop” it’s still good to have an “edges-brush” in either the glove compartment or the car door waiting to smooth over any situation.


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Charger/Battery pack 

What’s the most significant threat to a hot girl’s happiness? Feeling for a second that she’s out of touch! A hot girl needs to be connected at all times. Therefore, she’ll always have a way to charge her cellphone, to keep her IG and Snapchat fans in the loop. Also, since she’s on the road, it would be good to have her phone charged so that she can stay in touch with friends or family back home or at her next destination.


A change of shoes is a definite necessity for a hot girl. Looking fabulous is hard work, and it can weigh heavy on her heels. That’s why a pair of comfortable flats are usually found lying around the trunk of her car. It also works vice versa with the hot girl bringing along her high heels for when she needs to take things up a notch. And who can forget the infamous thong slippers just sitting under the seat for those emergency trips to the spa for a much-need pedicure? A hot girl is always one step ahead, literally.



Glare is no one’s friend, but especially not for a hot girl who wants to keep her eyes healthy and avoid getting creases on her forehead from grimacing. Sunglasses come in handy for any hot girl, not just to protect her eyes but also her image. These ‘darkers’ can easily hide eyes red from allergies or the bags forming under her lids from tiredness. So whether she has Versace, MK, Raybans or no brands, she is rocking her shades with attitude.

Are there more things in the vehicle of a hot girl? Tell us what you think!

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