Road Safety: What To Do If You’re Being Trailed/Followed.

You’re on your way home from a night on the town and can’t wait to get to your driveway and make it to bed. But, you approach a stoplight and realise that there is a car following close behind you. You don’t know the car and you can’t see the driver. The car follows you for another five minutes or so, changing lanes in tandem with you. You begin to think to yourself, ‘Is this person following me?’

It’s an awful and frightening feeling when you realise that someone may be following you, so there are some precautions you should take to maintain your safety. Here are seven tips to consider if you believe you are being trailed or followed:



Try not to be too distracted when driving, so that you can sense there may be someone mimicking your every move.


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2. Switch it up on them.

Simply drive around the block if you think you’re ever being followed. Some investigators suggest that you make three left or right turns because there is a slimmer chance of someone going in a circle with you. Another way may be to drive a complicated route, or take a few corners or off-roads – that you are familiar with – to make sure you’re not just imagining that you are being followed. 


3. Stay calm.

This may be easier said than done, but it will help. Don’t panic and don’t attempt to drive recklessly. Just calm yourself so that you can think clearly. With calm nerves and a clearer mind, start looking around you to see if there is somewhere safe you can go.


4. Keep driving.

NEVER stop and get out of your car when someone is following you. NEVER go straight home. You don’t want that person to know where you live.



5. Look for other people.

Stay on well-travelled roads, if at all possible. People looking to hurt people in their cars are looking for people who are the most vulnerable. Go to a police or fire station, hospital, or gas station or keep driving until you come to a place well-lit and populated. Try to alert people around you as well.


6. Secure your car.

Be sure that all of your doors are locked. Someone may gain access to a car at a stoplight or stop sign in a few seconds. So, also ensure that your windows are rolled up.



7. Alert the authorities.

If you are convinced that someone is hot on your trail, dial 211 or drive to the nearest police station. The person following you is unlikely to pursue you there, but if they do, don’t get out of your car until there are policemen outside your door to escort you.


If someone is following you, assume that it’s dangerous and take steps to ensure your safety. We’re not saying live your life paranoid, but we are saying that a little knowledge and awareness of your surroundings at all times goes a very long way. So, get to know new routes home and know where the nearest police stations are, and be aware of creeps on the road trying to follow you home.


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