Tyre Talk: 7 Rules To Name Your Car.

A child and her dog. A poet and his pen. Of all the pairings throughout history, there is none more sacred than the driver and their car. Sure the driver needs the car to get around, run errands, but more than that, the car is there for life’s most personal moments, like the family vacation or your first day at work. It’s not just a machine for transport; it’s a vehicle for memories. Your vehicle deserves a good name. For that, here are seven rules for finding the perfect name for your car:

RULE #1: Don’t Be Cheesy.

Your car needs a name that it can be proud of, one that really gets its gears going! When you’re picking the name, by all means, have a little fun with it, but try and stay away from being too outlandish. If your car name begins with “The” or ends with “-ator”, you’re in the dark territory.

Names that break this rule: “The Girl Collector, Revinator.”



RULE #2: Let The Name Come To You.

If you’ve ever tried to nickname yourself, you know it never works out. The name should come naturally, either because of something the car does that’s unique, or something that other people start to call it. Either way, forcing a name on a car is always going to be the wrong fit.

Names that follow this rule: “Zippy – For a car with particularly quick acceleration.”


Rule #3: Get Personal.

If the car means anything to you, give it a name with meaning. Name it after your best friend because it’s a reliable vehicle. Name it after your clever teacher because it’s good at taking sharp turns. Whatever the reason, drawing from your life is an excellent place to start when coming up with the name.

Names that follow this rule: “Thomas, for a wide load vehicle – For your boss that’s a little more than heavyset.”


Rule #4: Use The Look.

Sometimes, all you have to do is take one look at a car to name it. The colour, size, or any physical features can clue you in on your vehicles moniker.

Names that follow this rule: “Hulk – For an impractically big vehicle with a monstrous green paint job.”



Rule #5: Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring.

If the car is gold, call it Goldie. If it’s small, call it Tiny. Something basic, yet descriptive, can be all you need to give your car some personality. Keeping it simple can be the best way to get people to come around on the name.


Rule #6: Build The Brand.

You can’t just keep the name to yourself. If you want your car to be the first thing people think of when they hear that name, you have to make it a part of your car. Introduce your vehicle by the name. Get into the reason you gave it that name. When people ask about it, insist that they call it by its name. Eventually, your car won’t be a green Mazda, Demio. It’ll be “Uncle Kevin” – The Green Mazda, Demio you named after an uncle who taught you about saving money.


Rule #7: Stick With It.

Perhaps the most important rule of all is, if you’re going to name your car, you have to commit to it. Don’t call it “Sarah” one week, and then decide its name is “Wesley Snipes” the next. You have to be consistent if you want the name to follow your car. That’s why it’s important to follow the rules, and make sure the name is one that is worth adopting.

Tell us, would you name your car?

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