Tyre Talk: Spruce Up Your Ride For The New Year

The season for writing New Year’s resolutions is quickly coming around the back-stretch. But along with weight loss plans and financial goals, why not spruce up your ride for the new year? A little TLC really does go a long way.

Check out our top ideas to get your vehicle looking like new for the new year:

  •  Service your car

Your car has been good to you, so now it’s about time for you to reward it for its loyalty. A well-maintained vehicle is really the gift that keeps on giving. When you service your vehicle, it runs smoother and is more fuel-efficient. Yup! You can save on petrol just by giving your car a tune-up for the new year. So, if saving is on your list of resolutions, you can kick-start that plan by getting your vehicle serviced.



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  • Get new seat covers

Nothing screams ‘makeover’ like new seat covers for your vehicle. What’s even better about them? They cover up old stains or damage that the past year may have brought on, while still adding to the look and feel of your car’s interior. These new additions will definitely add some extra style, and if you pick them right, you’ll probably get a few requests to find out where you got them.


  • Get a deep clean

When was the last time you got your car detailed? Not just a quick clean, but a thorough wash and wipe down? If it’s been a while since you’ve given your baby a proper scrub down, you should get it done for the new year. So get into every nook and cranny, hose down those mud flaps and vacuum that trunk. Your car will definitely look a lot different when it’s finished.



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  • Get new mats

Throw out those worn mats that you got as a gift three years ago, they have more than served their purpose and now need to rest…permanently. Purchase some brand new floor mats and give your car’s carpet some better protection for the upcoming year. These new accessories will add to the overall look of your vehicle and help to keep the carpets free from stains. Another plus is that you can get floor mats in different colours, styles and prints so you can definitely add some finesse to your car’s interior. Out with the old, in with the new!


  • Get a car air freshener 

Your car shouldn’t just LOOK good for the upcoming year; it should smell that way too. If you’re looking to refresh your car’s interior and have it boasting that ‘new car smell’, purchase some new air fresheners from your local store. Infuse your vehicle with some wonderful aromas and bring back some of that atmosphere of relaxation for the New Year. #NewSmellWhoDis?



Whatever you decide to do to spruce your car up for the upcoming year, have tons of fun doing it! Your ride, your rules! 

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