Tyre Talk: What Not To Do As A Passenger! 8 Things To Avoid.

Everyone claims that they’re a good driver but can we consider ourselves good passengers? Do we practice good manners when we sit in someone else’s car or do we leave courtesy at the door?

Most of us don’t know the spoken and unspoken rules of being a passenger. In fact, we often end up being the chatty passenger who couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves, and before we know it, the driver gets annoyed. Just in case you’ve been slipping up on your passenger etiquette, we’ve provided you with eight tips to help you become a more pleasant travel companion. 



  • Please, don’t touch the radio.

If you haven’t been given permission, don’t mess around with the car stereo. Yes, it’s bad manners. If you wish to change whatever is playing, check with the driver first and if it’s okay, then go ahead and play music to your heart’s satisfaction.

  • Never leave trash in the car.

Littering is never cool. If you entered the car with your snack bags and juice bottles, please be respectful and take them with you when you leave. No driver wants to clean up junk out of their car after having to drive you around all day.

  • Try not telling the driver to wash their car.

The first thing you should say as you get into a car should be ‘Good morning’, Good evening’ or ‘Thanks for the ride’, not ‘Yuh car need to wash’. That is not a greeting. Plus, the driver is probably aware of how dirty their car is, and may have all intentions of getting it cleaned soon.



  • Don’t remove what is not yours.

If, for example, you see snacks in the glove box, leave them in the glove box. Yeah, we know that chocolate bar caught your eye but unless the driver says you can have it, it’s best if you keep your hands to yourself. Plus, taking what’s not yours is stealing, no matter how close you are to that person.

  • Avoid telling the driver how to drive.

Being a backseat driver is a big no-no. Always remember, the person in the driver’s seat is the one in control of the vehicle. Don’t dish out orders, don’t curse them for switching lanes correctly and don’t tell them what you would have done if you were the one driving. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…even if you have to pretend. Unless they’re driving like a maniac.


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  • Do NOT use the dashboard as a footrest.

Please, keep your feet firmly planted on the floor. The dashboard was not created for you to prop your feet up on and while it may feel comfortable for you, chances are the driver is NOT okay with it. Additionally, it’s much safer to keep your feet off the dashboard, since the airbag is stored there.

“Airbags deploy between 100 and 220 MPH. If you ride with your feet on the dash and you’re involved in an accident, the airbag may send your knees through your eye sockets,” the Chattanooga Fire Department warned in a Facebook post, which got more than 1,600 shares. Read the full article here.



  • Don’t distract the driver.

We know that super cute dog video is worth sharing, but avoid placing your phone in the driver’s face while they are behind the wheel. The driver needs to stay focused and alert at all times in case of any hazards on the road. Ensure your safety and theirs by allowing them to concentrate fully on the task at hand, which is getting you both safely to your destination.


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  • Always wear your seat belt.

This is mandatory by law and should be one of the first things you do when you get into the car. Not only does this keep you safe in the event of an accident but it also shows the driver that they are travelling with someone who is responsible and has safety at the forefront of their mind.



At the end of the day, you should not only be a pleasant passenger, but you should also be a safe one too. Are there any passenger etiquette tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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