BCIC Basics: How We’re Making Insurance In Jamaica Easy FOR YOU!

Do you know who should always get value for their hard-earned money? You!😎

You deserve stress-free, affordable insurance coverage for your home, auto or business and that’s why at BCIC, we do everything to make the process easier FOR YOU! Here’s how:

Reduced wait time.

In times past you would need to come in-branch, stand in a long line or sit for hours to speak with a sales representative before you could get your insurance. FOR YOU, however, we’ve switched it up. Get the convenience of buying your insurance online in minutes, anywhere, anytime in Jamaica. Plus, if you do decide to come in the branch, we have kiosks you may use to buy your insurance online or make payments to ensure you’re in and out in no time. We don’t just work to save you money on your insurance, we’re here to save you time too!


Claim quickly.

Making a claim can be a hassle. That’s why FOR YOU, we’ve made the process smoother. All we need is your policy information, the date and location of the accident and your vehicle documents. You don’t need an estimate and we’ll be sure to respond to your request within 24-hours, during business days. But for added convenience, you can even make your claim online anywhere, anytime in Jamaica. 

BCIC Basics: Best Practices For Making a Claim​

Payment Flexibility.

Paying for insurance can be a big investment. So, FOR YOU, we’ve made it convenient to pay for your insurance in parts with EASY Pay. How? You get 4-9 months to pay off your premium, giving you the chance to keep more money in your pocket each month. Now, that’s how to get easy insurance in Jamaica!

Certificate first. No cover note.

When you come in for your insurance the first time, that’s it! We no longer issue one month cover notes that require you to return for your certificate. Once you pay for your premium in the branch or online, your policy is emailed to you – it can even be printed on plain paper! That’s just how much we want to make things easier FOR YOU!

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve! Stick with BCIC where Everything We Do Is FOR YOU!

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