Car Care: 4 Tips for Good Car Hygiene

Your ride might be your reliable source of transportation to get from point A to point B but it is also a carrier of dust, grime and bacteria. As such, proper sanitisation of your vehicle should always be a top priority. So, how can you DIY clean and disinfect the inside of your car? Here are a few tips we found extremely helpful.


Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

There are quite a number of places in your car that you and others come into contact with on a regular basis and it’s essential that you sanitise these areas with disinfecting wipes as often as possible. So, take extra care in wiping down surfaces like your steering wheel, gear shift, passenger and driver door armrests, seat adjusters and door handles.



Don’t overlook your car’s fabric

When cleaning your car, don’t overlook areas such as the carpet and seats. If you have children, you should take special care in cleaning the backs of your seats as your little ones may openly sneeze and cough, spraying germs onto the backs of the seats in front of them. 

It’s also highly recommended that you use a cleaner that is suited for your car’s fabric to sanitise these surfaces. If you don’t have any of the recommended products on hand, there are many sprays, wipes and homemade solutions that can be used as cleaners. However, before you begin using these items, be sure to run a test on a small hidden area in your car. Remember, if you have leather seats, make sure you condition the seats afterwards to prevent cracking.

Please note: The use of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your car is discouraged. While they can both kill germs on surfaces, they will likely damage your car’s upholstery. 


Pay attention to your A/C vents

Neglecting to clean your car’s air vents can result in the circulation of germs and dust around your car.  It also creates an unhealthy environment for individuals with asthma, allergies or respiratory issues. To prevent this, roll down your car windows and clean your vents using a car air vent brush, a foam paintbrush or a can of compressed air. Use your preferred disinfectant spray to get rid of grease and dirt or carefully run a disinfecting wipe over the vents, being careful not to get any of the liquid inside the vents. 



Give your cup holders a good clean 

Believe it or not, your cup holders are dirtier than you think. According to a study conducted by the Healthy House Institute, cup holders in your car are one of the major carriers of mould and bacteria because of food crumbs, dirt and drink spills that are often collected in them (which is an environment for germs to grow). So, the next time you clean your car, spend a little extra time wiping down your cupholders. If they’re removable, consider washing them out with soapy water. 

If you move around a lot, you probably spend a significant portion of your time behind the wheel of your car. It’s therefore important to keep the inside of your vehicle spick and span to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria that can affect your health. 


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