Tyre Talk: How To Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip!

Clear blue skies, good company and a beautiful destination are enough reasons to hop into your car for a much-needed road trip. However, a good adventure can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t properly prepare. Preparation for long trips like these require more planning and care and not just the regular tools to change a car tyre and yummy snacks.

So, to ensure your road trip is a smooth and fun one for you and your travel companions, here are a few tips!

Do general vehicle maintenance

Overlooking the small things on your vehicle could end up putting a roadblock on your road trip. If you are capable, you can quickly check these things for yourself but if you aren’t, get a professional to take a look at your car. Among other things, be sure to check your:

  • Spark plugs
  • Battery charge
  • Fluid levels, like engine oil and coolant
  • Fuel and air filters
  • Tyres



Don’t leave behind your ‘Emergency Car Kit’

This is the easiest way to keep your road trip on the road if any mishaps occur. This kit should carry all the things you’ll need if anything goes wrong with your car so that you can make the fixes and go on your way. If you’re not sure what should be in the kit, check out our Car Emergency Essentials blog for a little guidance.

  1. REMEMBER your licence and vehicle documents.

Cruising down the Ochi highway might be exciting but if you’re pulled over by the police and you are unable to produce your vehicle documents and driver’s licence, well… Let’s say the fun might be over. With the new Road Traffic Act, individuals are subject to be fined up to $40,000 if they are unable to immediately produce a driving permit or driver’s licence when stopped. So, be sure to have all the necessary documents stashed away before you hit the open road.

Make sure the a/c works

In this heat, this one is a no brainer. While driving with the windows down might be nice for a little bit, there will come a time when you and your companions will need to get some ‘artificial breeze’ to cool down a bit. Having an air conditioning system that isn’t functioning might quickly make for a miserable and sweaty trip. Plus, when it’s time to hit those highways, you’ll need to get your windows up and crank the a/c to prevent your car from dragging and burning more gas than necessary.

Bring your car’s spare key

Sometimes, we’re so excited about our trip that we make small mistakes, like locking everyone out of the car. So, to ensure that you and everyone else you travelled with can make it back home, put your spare key or fob in a hidden part of your bag or give it to someone else on the road trip for safe-keeping.

Pack a small first-aid kit

This is an essential part of any trip because anything can happen to you or one of your travel companions. This kit should include items such as smelling salt, bandaids, gauze, alcohol and cotton so that if someone falls ill or hurts themselves while on the road, you’ll be able to assist them quickly.

Prepare multiple playlists

This, while not the most important, can easily make or break your road trip. If there’s one group of people who love listening to good music, it’s Jamaicans so be sure to have your playlists stocked and ready. When preparing your ‘lit’ playlists, be sure to keep your travel companions in mind and get songs you’re sure they’d love to hear. No one wants to spend a road trip listening to their travel buddies doing more complaining than actual shoulder flinging.

Adventures are always a lot of fun, especially if you plan them right. So, before pulling out of the driveway, make sure your car has everything it needs for the journey ahead. But most importantly, take care and drive safely!